1. Inspection During Construction

    Building Inspection Reports

    Inspection During Construction

    The common procedure in the building industry is for the owners to engage a building contractor to build for them for a price; licenced contractor is responsible at the end of the day to supply a building that complies with the relevant standards and quality, in most cases this does not happen!  

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  2. Defects Reports

    Building Defects Report

    Defects Reports

    A condition report of buildings adjacent to a construction site prior to the commencement of construction, often a Council condition of approval. Usually done as a photographic record of the structure. Councils, require suitably qualified people, and may not accept a building consultant.  

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  3. Expert Witness Reports

    Expert Witness Report

    Expert Witness Reports

    Defects or incomplete expert report completed in a method evidence and preparing reports that may at some stage be used as evidence for litigation purposes in any jurisdiction.  

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  4. Dilapidation Reports

    Dilapidation Report

    Dilapidation Reports

    The common procedure in the building industry is for the owners to engage a building contractor to build for them for a price; licenced contractor is responsible at the end of the day to supply a building that complies with the relevant standards and quality, in most cases this does not happen!  

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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Decentralise or Perish

HAVE A LONG TERM PLAN THAT SHOULD BE IMPLEMENTED NOW, UNLIKE OUR GOVERNMENTS! Re the sell off of the polls and wires!.. I think the best thing for our suburbs is for that money to be spent on decentralization in approx 6 regions throughout the State Country & Regional towns, spending the 20 Billion on infrastructure, businesses digital centres, digital and transport hubs, the fast train, .. and ..if developers want to build in the city then THEY must pay for that infrastructure, not the tax payers. The State Government earn a significant amount of money now from Stamp duties in the city that should be going to the City. How else will we take the pressure from the City!!?



What is a Building Inspection worth?

So there are a number of issues in regards to this question, the first very important question would be, for what purpose is the inspection for,this is where the rule change  between reports.  If for instance  it is for the purchase of a new premises whether residential or commercial or even industrial it must be known.  Then of course there are degrees and qualities of reports in relation to this type of inspection, there are some of course who don’t want to tell you very much or recommend much rather hide the report amongst thousands of lines of disclaimers and what they didn’t see, these are absolutely useless and not worth the paper they’re written on.

If you are purchasing a property you rely so much on what the Inspector identifies and recommends, a valuable report will tell you where the defects are the type of defect whether a short or a long-term problem and/or a structural or general defects item,  and of course if the Inspector identifies these items there must be some explanation in my view of how to overcome the problem if found in general terms.  Some inspectors supply costs I feel that this is an can be a trap for both the Inspector and the purchaser.

So today we see the inspections and reports general in regards to pre-purchase and others, forming an integral part, with good and clear comment in relation to the priority items that are a concern and may affect your long-term structural stability of the residence or general property.

So what is a building inspection worth I would think a considerable sum providing the report that is supplied is accurate, as at the end of the day it could mean thousands of dollars of wasted money that was never budgeted for.

Of course we have the purchaser who appears not to want to pay for the report but for a cheap report, that is a think as long as they have a report they are safe.  That is not the reason you get a report in INSPECTORS VIEW.  Its knowing that you have the values in the property that the seller is asking.

I have copied a section out of the NRMA CAR INSPECTION website (SEE BELOW), costs for inspecting a car.  Relatively these costs are nearly the cost of a building inspection (building only). So what we have here are costs in most cases for secondhand vehicles that would be depreciated the value from the new cost.  so people to want to pay this type of payment for something that will even devalue more but still willing to pay considerable sum in comparison to a building inspection report.

Building inspection is on a property generally which does not depreciate rather shows signs of growth, so straight away there is an advantage and good value of obtaining a building inspection knowing that the money you spend is not going against a devaluing product.

Product type Vehicle type Member Non-Member
Pre-purchase / End of Warranty Mobile In-Store Mobile In-Store
Standard (cars under 10 years) $269.00 $299.00 $289.00 $319.00
4WD & Cars over 10 years $319.00 $349.00 $339.00 $369.00
Prestige cars $369.00 $399.00 $389.00 $419.00
Re-inspection* $119.00 $119.00 $129.00 $139.00


So for instance a car which we could estimate as approximately $50,000 and if you’re member and have it inspected mobile you’re paying approximately $319.

For instance in comparison, in the Sydney market an average residence can range in value between approximately $500,000.00 to $ 1,500.000.00.

So as to quantities of sale cost you would expect that a building inspection would cost 10 times that of a car, (based on car comparison) should be approx  $ 3,190.00 to $9,570.00.  Of cause these costs would never be charged to that degree, but to try and explain the cost base.

In summary good building inspectors doing a good job on a property prior to purchase can save you money as these costs can be budgeted for and/or negotiated during the purchase process.  So it is very important that whoever YOU DO takes the time to inspect and supply report that is clearly accurate and detailed, that may mean you pay more, but why wouldn’t you, that does not mean you loose money, rather the opposite, you don’t go out and find the cheapest but you do go out and find the best.


Picking a Company to do your Revovations

Construction contractors, whether ­design-build or not, run the gamut from large enterprises to truck-and-tool-belt operations. Larger companies may be more expensive but tend to provide strong project management and comprehensive cost estimates. The smallest companies often have lower overhead and fees but may be less equipped to handle complex problems. Less manpower can mean that projects take longer to complete. Every company is different.

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