Other Services (WBC / Associates)

Strata Work and Special Titles (Owners Corporation)

Work for body corporate. The actual work can come under the categories listed

Insurance Assessment – Home Warranty and General Home Building Insurance.

Reports for claims assessment for the homeowner or the insurer (consider expert witness category). Scope of works for rectification of damage to buildings.

Contract Administration

Advice and information on contracts prior to signing, acting on a party’s behalf during the course of the construction and during the process of conducting site meetings.

Progress and final payment Report

Inspections and reports at various stages of construction.

Sinking Fund Forecast

Comply with the State and territory requirements and a establish a suitable plan will help to:

Better manage cash flow, remove those nasty surprises for potential purchasers, improve the property value, Ensure levies are fully tax deductible* in the year that they’re incurred and help to identify and deal with those problems that may occur when they should be.

Energy Assessment – Nathers Accredited, Efficiency

Environmental assessment and ratings of buildings for Council approval. The consultant must have relevant Nathers accreditation.

Private Certification – Building Approvals

Approval of building plans, certification of various stages of building work, putting together all documentation for the final approval of the building.

Private certifiers are accredited under an accreditation scheme administered by the Institute of Engineers or the Allied Professions Board.

Heritage Assessment

Classification of heritage buildings, advice on construction methods and materials.

Accessibility Assessments and Audits

Advice on accessibility of buildings for people with special needs and “housing for life”. Understanding of Division D3 of the Building Code of Australia and AS 1428 – Design for Access and Mobility and AS 4299 – Adaptable Housing.

Asbestos Audit

The inspection that you should and or must have before you purchase the property or are about to renovate. Be careful of Asbestos: Before any renovations begin, some councils require an asbestos inspection. If you think you have asbestos, it’s best to call in a expert to assess and supply the correct information, handling and removal procedure.

BASIX Assessment

NSW Government, BASIX, the Building Sustainability Index, ensures homes are designed to use less potable water and be responsible for fewer greenhouse gas emissions by setting energy and water reduction targets for house and units. BASIX is one of the most robust sustainable planning measures in Australia, delivering equitable and effective water and greenhouse gas reductions across NSW

Bush fire Protection Audit

A performance audit of the implementation of bush fire risk management plans generally in the States and Territories for a specified rural fire district or other part of the State

As required by the individual states and territories regulations.

Specialist Trade/Professional Consultant

Consultant such as waterproofing, painting, tiling (roof and wall & floor) sound, thermal insulation, electrical, plumbing, structural/electrical/mechanical/hydraulic Engineering plus


Providing building inspections services to Sydney, the southern highlands, and south coast.

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